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Add a "Friends" feature with synced scores

I often go golfing with friends and normally only 1 of us manually enter the scores into the GolfPad application.  Afterwards, we are able to share the scores via email but even if the email matches an account registered with Golf Pad, it does not sync the score to that account for the extra players.

It would be a great feature to have a "friends" option that would allow you to configure friends who can keep score for you and when the games are saved, that each friends account would be updated (synced) with their game (matched to the email addresses).

Right now, I have to go to the friends account to view my score and without manually entering in my score again to my account it is not possible to sync those games even though on the scorecard of my friend it states "Played with Mark" so the data is there and just needs to be connected.

Thanks for considering this!

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I think I answered this for you in support ticket form but I will address it here as well so others can see it.

This is a feature we are actively working to bring to Golf Pad. We really like this idea and will be working to figure out the best way to make it work!

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Any update to this?

I play with the same group of friends each week and it would be nice to not only track my progress but the progress of my friends that play with me.  Is this something that we can expect in an upcoming update?


We do not have a specific timetable for this feature yet but it is something we are definitely planning to have.

Glad to hear you a working on it.  This would be great. 

I want to delete a player that's on my friend list. How do i do that. Thanks
Adding another vote for the sharing of scores idea! I keep score for our group and then share the round afterwards via email. This is adequate immediately after the round, but it's nice to be able to view all prior rounds all in one place. Currently only the scorekeeper can do this in the golf pad app. Everyone else has to dig through emails to find them or re-enter them manually on their own device, which is a tedious task. It would be great if 'sharing' allowed me to share the full checklist to each player's golf pad account so we could all view them on our devices. Thanks for considering! Mark

The feature is now implemented and released on Android! It's called Group Rounds. Here's more info: We are working to bring it to iPhone soon. 

Hello, Thanks for the Group Rounds enhancement. It's really nice, but doesn't quite solve the request described above. Namely, it still requires each player to enter their own score. Ideally, the first part of the Group Rounds enhancement would allow each player in the group to 'sign in' at the beginning of the round. Then, one player could keep score for the whole group as is usually done in the 'paper and pencil' way. If the scores were synced on the other 3 phones during the round, Great! If that's not possible, then no big deal. But it would be really nice if after the round, the scorecard could be shared to the other members of the 'group' and would be stored on each player's phone/account as if they had entered the score. 

Thanks again for the Group rounds feature and for considering this additional enhancement!

Mark Markiewicz

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