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Gear 2: Conserve Battery Life

Using my Gear 2 with GolfPad the first few rounds I was overly disappointed in the battery life.  I've changed a setting on the watch that it doesnt turn on the screen every time you move your arm, and my battery life has significantly increased.

Within settings -> Display -> Wake up Gesture.

Set this to NONE, and now your watch will only turn on when you hit the button.

I did really enjoy the information right there when i looked at the watch...but battery conservation turned out to be more important, and it's not that big of a pain.

Hope this helps someone else!

Even after doing this I've found that it was hit or miss that my watch would make it through a round of 18.  Besides battery life - the Gear 2 was getting really quirky and often losing pairing, and dropping the golf pad app in the middle of a round.  I've return this watch and am evaluating a few others.

I had battery life issue with my LG G Watch. Usually the watch lasts all day but it was down to 10% before the end of the front 9, so I had to just ditch everything and just played golf the old fashion way.

I am using a Gear 2 and have been getting excellent battery life with mine. After my rounds I generally have  50 - 70 % battery life with no problem. I have normal settings with all notifications set to none while I play and Wake up Gestures turned on all the time. I have played several rounds with my Gear 2 and battery problems have never been a problem. My rounds have been in the 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 hour rounds.


I have a Gear S2 Classic and I've had no problems with battery life. However, I was very interested to note that other users were having the same loss of pairing / connection half way through a round with no obvious way to rectifying. I really don;t want to be constantly having to play with my watch and phone in the middle of a game .. especially during a medal. And suggestions?