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Change name of club or merge clubs

It would be helpful to be able to merger 2 clubs into one.

Also to change the name of a club in the history.

Especially useful for wedges.

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This would be helpful.  I'd like to change the names of my hybrids.  The clubs don't have club numbers only lofts.  When I set up golf tags I just picked some arbitrary hybrid names and compiled lots of stats with these clubs.  After finally having concrete stats to look at I'd like to change the naming/spacing of these clubs but currently I'm forced to live with these arbitrary names to keep my stats.

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This would also help people how replace clubs as the NEW clubs would get there own club name not just adding stats to the OLD club.

Now that we are able to define make/model/etc the ability to merge clubs or at least rename retired clubs would be very useful. I now have the same club under retired clubs multiple times because it's labelled slightly differently as I was testing out the make/model feature, not realize it would set it as a different club each time.

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I agree with the new Make/Model capability editing the make/model records it as a new club, this screws up statistics.  The ability to merge clubs would solve this, or fixing it so editing a club doesn't record it as a new club.

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Any development regarding the "Merge Clubs" idea?

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More and more clubs are defined by loft only.    Are there any plans to add loft to each club.    For example, my nine iron has a different loft from the nine iron of the person I most frequently play with.   

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