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Smartwatch UI to track club used

I would like to see the ability to indicate which club was used on a particular shot from the watch UI. 

By default, it could use the suggested club based on distance to green, but then you could use a small button or wrist gesture to bump the club up or down depending on what you're using for the situation. This would allow players without tags to get shot statistics as if they had tags.

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Looks like the industry leader (Game Golf) is beating Golf Pad GPS with the ability to tag clubs using the watch. When Game Golf comes out with that functionality for Android I'll be tempted to try the competition.

@Jrtonyday  GolfPad GPS already has this feature with their Golf Tags system.  Also Game Golf already has this implemented on Android too.....maybe I am misunderstanding your post??

@Steve.  Game Golf released their Pebble app on March 10, 2016.  You can now select a club with the watch without having to use the tags (I am not a fan of the tags as the NFC readers on the phones are weak and it's not seamless experience trying to get the tags to register.  I'm also not a fan of the NFC readers that game golf and Golf Pad Link use as it's another gadget to maintain).

I'll be trying Game Golf.  I think Golf Pad is the better program, but maybe club tracking on the watch is enough to make Game Golf the preferred product.

Hard to see any other reason that this wouldn't be included the smart watch apps than it would be competition to the tags. I have the tags and I am pretty happy with them but the feature being available in the smart watch apps would be very welcome and a smart move considering the amount of competition in this market.

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I can't see why this wouldn't / shouldn't be added.  It's very tempting to use a different golf app altogether.  The iWatch can't be used fully alone with this app.  

Please sort it out.

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I don't think Tags would be a reason for not doing this, as I would say there are different audiences for tags vs watch. Those without a smart watch would probably buy tags as it's a cheaper way of doing it (rather than spending £200+ on a smart watch) and those who already own a smartwatch would like the ability to be able to tag with it.

I agree this would be a great addition to the app. Something as simple as flashing up a second box when you hit +shot where you can select a club from your bag would be all that is required, nothing fancy - would just mean I would never need to touch my phone again while playing.

Example... on the tee, I place my ball, then hit +shot and select "Driver" - I'm done then... play my shot, move to my ball and then hit +shot, select 7i and it would pop up again saying "Last Shot - Driver, 260yds" as it does now.

DEFINITELY a +1 from me

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also missing from the watch functionality is a setting to turn off GPS and just use it to mark score. I need this when my phone's GPS is not located for whatever reason. The watch just says "NO GPS" instead of allowing me to go to score entry mode.

I came here specifically to post this very request. Craig Patrick nailed it, we simply need a club select screen to appear after marking a shot. It could even pre determine based on club recommendation with the ability to scroll up/down through bag if a different club is used (chances are if recommended club wasn't used, one nearby in the bag was use different) I've been using GolfPad GPS on my phone all season and just picked up a Pebble specifically for use with the iPhone app. I'm not really interested in the tags. Ive been on the fence with paying for the premium and this feature would get me to open up my wallet without doubt

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I guess I could add that it would be nice to see club recommendation and/or last club used on the watch display. It seems there is enough real estate on the watch face to have this displayed

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I wanted to add my vote for this feature.  I already own a smartwatch and I'm paying for premium subscription service to get GolfPad GPS readings on my smart watch.   Happily so.  My preference would be to use the smartwatch for club tracking instead of adding a bunch more equipment with the tags and link.

I certainly hope avoiding the development of this feature isn't to avoid cannibalization of tag sales but considering the price of the tags vs generic NFC tags it's hard not to speculate if that's what's happening.

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Missing in this is the consideration that the Link reader is supposed to bring superior GPS locating to the whole system, with an improved antennae and technology over any phone or watch. Whether that's really true remains to be seen and determined come May. Improved accuracy around the green for strokes gained in that area would be the main benefit, as it's not very accurate right now and is dependent on your phone. (Nexus 6P).

Any news on this feature at all? I think some people have given some great possibilities and it would definitely increase the usage factor and mean the phone can remain in the pocket (or bag where GP uses the watch GPS)


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Shame this feature isn't there yet may look at switch to swing by swing. Tried a few others that have it but other parts that I really didn't like, Golf PAD is almost perfect in my opinion but missing this key feature. Likely as they want to push the tags and link system. Too bad

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Hey, development team, any update on this feature?  Is it even being considered?  Love GolfPad, but this is one large hole that is holding it back...

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Just paid for the premium version and would be really keen on this feature. Any progress?

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