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Make the maps hole view interactive again

I'm not sure what changed but I noticed a while back that the overhead hole view on maps that shows shot by shot is not interactive anymore. This means previously, the shots would be like an overlay on an overhead google map view of the hole and you could scroll and zoom (same as the gmaps interface). This is especially handy for errant shots (not hitting the failway) on the relatively wide open courses I play.

Is this an API limitation in maps or does it require money to access this feature? Please reconsider adding this back as the default view works but is less than ideal since it's a single static view of the hole.


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When did the reviewing after the email of a finished round stop displaying the shot tracker. I want to review the shots i took on the course and now i cant see them. Please give us that option back or explain why not.

To my knowledge nothing should have changed here. I have turned this topic into a support ticket and will refer it to our engineering team and see if we can get this figured out!

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