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Evolution of the clubs statistics

Those statistics would be great if we could track our improvement. We could imagine having a full report of a club, which will contain:

- Historic of the distance (avg by round)

- % of miss left|right in the time

- the distribution of the clubs (by 5 meters with an histogram)

- % regulation in the time

- % use in the bunker

- % go in the bunker

Ideally, those graphs could be dynamic: 

- We can change the granularity (1 meter, 5 meters, 10 meters)

- change the aggregation function (by round, by week, by month, by par)

- change the data income ( nb of rounds, last 3 months, etc)

- we can apply filters

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Thanks for the suggestions, I am currently working on a statistics redesign in the app so I appreciate the suggestions.

any chances this will be available in the web version of the stats? I share these with my coach...

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