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Open format for exporting the statics

I think we should be able to export our data into an open format. Nowadays, users are expecting this kind of feature.

A json format? 

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This is another feature we will be looking to add in the future.

Yes please, +1!


this would be great.  json, csv, anything would be nice

I would also like the ability to download my statistics and perform my own analysis

Any update on if this is going to happen? Also what about the ability to import scorecards using a csv format into golfpad?

I totally support the request for an export feature, preferably in csv format.

I'm a member of There I keep track of all my scores and receive a handicap card. I have been in touch with the developer of this website and they are also quite keen on adding an import feature on their side. Perhaps this can be as an attachment as part of the confirmation email when finishing a round? Shouldn't be very complicated.


Plus one. Users of this app probably pretty keen on stats so why would you not have a feature like this when it's something so obvious that your users would appreciate? Your dashboard sux, so much so that I don't brother looking at it now and It's been 3 years since you said you would look at this.

Any word on this?

Hello! We`ll make it possible to export the playing history in csv. format. It`ll be available in one month or two.

Great stuff! Looking forward to this info being available.

Any idea what format it will be in?

Hello! It`ll be available in csv. format.

it this now possible? if so how?

if available how do we do download data in CSV.  Yes we need this.

for example, i would like to lot my drive per hole vs time on the same course

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