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Edit rounds on website

 I haven't found the feature if it exists but I would like to be able to edit gps location, club used, and strokes from the website like I can with the app.

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Hi Glenn - thanks for your candid feedback. It sure sounds like there is an issue that needs to be resolved. Our 4.5 star rating comes because users find TAGS and the app easy to use, accurate and make it easier to get the stats needed to improve over time. Clearly, that's not the experience you are describing. Please let our support team give you a hand. I would start with making sure you have the most updated version of the app. The phone NFC reader is actually what is "reading" the location, so it may be a settings issue in your phone. If updating the app doesn't solve it, please contact the team using 

If you are using GPS shot tracking, you CAN change the location of your shot inside the app. Here are more details about shot editing. - Cindy

5 years later and still nothing I guess.

The updated versions I've seen haven't enhanced the product one iota in my opinion.  Could care less about tournament issues.  

I can't find a way to edit shots on the map after saving the round.  Is that possible?

I returned the Tags and just spent the extra on Accros (vers 2 still has no annual fee, and is the exact sensors as ver 3 that is $99/year!)

Bradvonhof- What Cindy meant to say is "No. After years and years of development, there is still no way to edit the round on the phone map, or on a computer, only on the phone after looking at the map, then changing over to the edit screen and back to the map and still not being able to edit position"

The best solution to this mess seems to be to open the map of the round on the computer and then edit on the phone as best you can. This has been the workaround for five years, and judging by Cindy's response, the company still doesn't even seem to grasp the annoyance of the situation, or even the need to make editing on a computer possible. They seem to be stuck in the 90's :-(

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Listen, even if you're not able to get to web/desktop editing yet, there are big improvements that can be made within the phone app.     If you look at the Taylormade MyRoundPro app, you can go into it and edit shot distances and manually enter the numerical distance to the pin on each shot.   When you back out of the distance editing, you can then drag a slider around a circle that is set at that distance from the pin (the pin being the centerpoint of the circle).    It's actually brilliant and makes editing quite a bit easier.  

It's actually a brilliant solution for those who want to dial in exact strokes gained stats. For a while, I was using a system where I'd measure my tee shot via GPS (distance to flag from tee), then all of my approach shots via laser, then pace off my putts.  I'd write this all down manually on a paper scorecard during the round, and then plug all the data into the MyRoundPro app, which was a breeze.  It may sound a bit laborious, but it wasn't, because of how the app allowed me to easily plug in the data.

Also, the GameGolf app, if I recall correctly, had much easier shot editing solutions in app.

Long story short, people are getting irritated on this specific thread, but I think if the in-app editing were improved (see above), that might satisfy the majority of users. GolfPad is superior in many regards over both of these 2 other apps, but it's currently a bit of a pain in the ass to edit shots on the in-app map, and it doesn't have to be.  

Hi Spencer and Glenn - thanks for your input and feedback. Improving the in-app editing using the map, is on our list of future improvements. We've prioritized it based on the recent feedback. I don't have a firm timeline, but please keep the app updated so you are sure to get the update as soon as it's available. We hear you and are always listening. We care about your input. We are here to build and maintain the best on the market with the resources available. We are proud of the 4.6 star rating our customers have given us and want to keep it that way or better! - Cindy, Golf Pad

You're prioritising in-app editing based on recent feedback, despite the fact that this thread (which has been running for 5 years) has been asking for website editing? Come one! Seriously?

I think the app is a good tool to and most importantly its free.  We can't go wrong with that, and a big thank you go to the developers team.

Like any new toy... will be better and better if the developers are listening to us.  We all of us (users) test the app and always we pump suggestion how to be better and more user friendly. I tried so many apps on this group and some has very good function some not.

From my end I rely, rely miss the name for the front and back. Is lots of unused space, on the scorecard that will accommodate even other relevant instruction for the paid version.  As most of us have the phone on the pocket sometimes the score jumps to back nine...  Instead on focusing on the game, I have to play with the app and and hold back the team to find my way to the right round.

Description of the font and back would make the app to shine from the competitors.

Scenarios like this happen all the time:

From start, select the front and back, and after completed the front, not always I remember where to go for the back 9.  Most likely I'm not alone here...

Another scenario that is very common on courses with 27 holes.  On start, select the front and back, and many occasion, for certain reasons you directed to a different back than originally was selected on start. Editing the round after the game started is a must to have. If you guys know how to edit the round and change the back, I will appreciate very much the help.

On the top of the score card, fist line where is listed Hole 1 Par 4, the font should be increase same as the contrast.  Young players do not care to much, but who has reduce visibility, must where reading glasses (put them on, put them away) just frustrates, and the game go to hell... Its so easy to make this little improvement and make the app more user friendly.

One more, and I will stop with my observations, is when you end the round.

The emailed score list only for one instead to be listed for all the team players. I email the score to myself, it shows only my score. To give the scores to other parties, my work do not end here.  I have to edit the round, take a snippet and send to the team. 

To make a long story short, a snippet of the foursome after the score is saved, to be included in the email at once in one shot.

Swing easy,

Nick from Ontario, Canada

Thanks for your feedback and for being a Golf Pad user! It means everything to us. I'll try to address all your points below:

Regarding front and back nines, I'm not 100% sure I understand your question. The nine's for locations with multiple courses/nines should have each one listed so you can select. If you find this isn't the case, please email us and we can edit the course. 

Here's info on editing shots during the round and after the round.

Font and contrast: we've recently made interface updates to make things easier to see and navigate where we have room to do so. (e.g. "previous" and "next" and the quick score box have larger font). I'll be sure the team gets your feedback about the first line on the scorecard as well. 

Sharing:  Here's how to adjust round sharing options. 

Please let me know what other questions you have after reviewing this info. I'm happy to help. - Cindy, Golf Pad

I understand development issues and time/money but it's a shame the website isn't more editable. I also like some of the graphs and styling of it, certainly in places better than the apps look, which is functional before it's beautiful.
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