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Edit rounds on website

 I haven't found the feature if it exists but I would like to be able to edit gps location, club used, and strokes from the website like I can with the app.

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Yeah unfortunately I gave up on golfpad and switched to Arccos. Much better. 

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Thanks for the info. I’ll take a look at Arccos

Hi Koen - thanks for being a long time user of TAGS. If you have any trouble with them, please contact us. We stand behind our warranty 100%. 

We appreciate everyone's feedback about round editing on the Player Dashboard. We prioritize all feature updates based on demand. We continuously release new features to enhance our users' experience. For example, this year, we released World Handicap System support for iPhone and Android. We launched stand-alone mode and club selection from the watch face, improved user interface and functions on Samsung, launched free golf tournament software to name a few. I'll be sure to add your votes to this feature request. If you have friends who also use the app, ask them to chime in, too! Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. - Cindy

Thank you Cindy for your reply.

I know the app get updates, and of course that should continue.

I just have the feeling that the dashboard is lagging behind.



Coming from GameGolf, I, too, would love to see the ability to edit rounds on the website.

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I'm also coming from GameGolf and would like to add my vote for editing on the website.

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Yep, coming from GameGolf as well.  Really miss this feature as there's not always time to perfect on a busy course especially if you forget to tag a shot.

However, 5 years on since this was raised and nothing done about it?!  Certainly not a good sign so cancelled my premium account until there are more signs of support than I'd get with GG.


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Hello all. Thanks for your recent posts. I've continued to share your feedback with our team. It's being considered and weighed against all feature development. We value the input and do take your input seriously. - Cindy 

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I hadnt realised you can amend the round in the app, hence my disappointment.  Very impressed with level of response from the company so will give the premium version another go.  thanks for coming back to me

Thanks Mr Misselbrook but ...this is not what the community of users is asking (talking about amending in the apk...) for 5 years now...

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Hi Claude - in all sincerity, we hear you loud and clear. I've passed these recent comments to our CEO. This update on the dashboard requires significant resources. As a small team, we've had to prioritize other projects. Hopefully, all have found value in the updates we've been making and continue to make to the app. We appreciate the feedback and hope all our users appreciate the balance we must strike between in-app feature enhancements and website dashboard features. - Cindy

I know it’s been 5 years, but the original reasoning behind it not happening was because there wasn’t a demand for it ... out of the 4.3k+ (just iOS) people who have it, how many people would need to say they want it before it’s taken seriously? I know people using the app that have no idea they can suggest features or that this site even exists. Maybe GolfPad should send out a survey for the feature ... if I can edit on the web via my browser I will use GolfPad 100% and drop all of the others ...

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