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Edit rounds on website

 I haven't found the feature if it exists but I would like to be able to edit gps location, club used, and strokes from the website like I can with the app.

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Plus one here.

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Please add this feature; it would make using your App so much better.

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Beginning or...early winter???

The main problem with editing on the phone is that the map view and scorecard edit view are totally separate. I need the map to see where I need to edit some shots. It would be great if I could switch from the map view to editing the displayed hole's shots directly.

Currently I display the map on my PC and edit the shots one the phone. It works, but is a bit cumbersome.

Would be nice if GolfPad techs could respond to this to at least say if it will never be done, is in consideration, or is being worked on. Not nice to ignore a thread over multiple years.

Still no update on this?

Do this!

This is a much needed feature. Tuning things like flag position, putting from fringe, shot from the rough instead of fairway, etc are common things I adjust so that my stats are more accurate.

 I agree Gordon. GolfPad techs have been very responsive so will hopefully add this feature soon. I asked about it too.

Update: Now delayed to 'Fall".   :(

The LINK reader has been delayed from April to "Summer", so everyone is getting impatient for it, but hopefully they're ensuring it's done right (not like Game Golf, where if the reader has to resync with the phone, sometimes you lose your round data to that point). And a lot of iPhone app users are hanging in there waiting for the reader, so they probably want to let people know that the LINK is coming (and that is why it's on the website).

While we're still waiting with web editing, at least there's still progress in other areas (clubs, strokes gained, club confirmation selection, strokes gained on scorecard map, etc.) - all recent additions to the apps and websites capabilities. 

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