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Need the ability to remove shots from the distance stats


Love the app!  The best I have found.

Being a high handicap player I make more than my fair share of bad shots and I also make some creative shots.  I like to record which club I use but I don't want all my shots to be recorded against the distance stats e.g.:

1 - Thin my driver 30 yards just past the ladies tee - Record the shot: Yes, Record which Club: Yes, Record as part of my Driver Average: No

2 - Under a tree - Use my 6 iron to knock the ball 60 yards onto the fairway

3 - 8 iron chip and run from just off the green,

All: Record the shot: Yes, Record which Club: Yes, Record as part of my distance stats: No

This will probably need to be a post round edit facility and may become more of an issue when people use tags (waiting for mine to be delivered).


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The distribution of the shot distances would help.

We can probably imagine graphs with filters:

- distance hits from fairway

- distance when the green is over X meters (if I use my 8 iron for a chip, it will be automatically excluded)

- distance hits from tee

- shot in the direction of the green (angle tolerance? )

It would be nice because it will allow a very good tracking of our shots, especially with golf tag.

Within the app it is possible to exclude shots from your history and remove them from your distance calculations.

To do so:

open up statistics

select clubs

select the individual club

swipe over to history

from here you can uncheck the box of any shot you do not want included for that club

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Many Thanks

I tried to do this today and the Instructions above are no longer valid in the iOS app. I simply changed the shot to have no club associated with it but I would rather just exclude it from the distance calculation. 

Thank you for bringing this up, I should have clarified this better. The above instructions are applicable only to android devices right now. I believe that the next version of the iOS app will incorporate this feature but that is not 100% certain.

The other option here that works for me is to use a specific club like a chipper for my approach shots at short range. That way all of my shorter shots are separated from the other irons.
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