If there are no distances when you start a round, check if GPS is switched on and GPS access enabled in phone settings.


Go to Settings -> Location/ Security&privacy-> Location permissions/ Location access. You can find these settings by searching "Location" in the search tab. It must be enabled for Golf Pad app here.


Go to Settings --> Privacy --> Location Services --> on --> Golf Pad --> and set "Always". Click here to find more information on location services. 

If everything is set up correctly, but there is still no GPS, use GPS Status application before contacting us. It`s better to check the GPS signal at the moment when the GPS problem occurs in the app. Take a screenshot of a result and send it to us. Use links below to download GPS Status app:

If distances are not shown in the phone app or in the watch app when the phone screen is off, see the following troubleshooting: Distances in Golf Pad do not update when phone screen is off