If there are no distances when you start a round, check if GPS is switched on and GPS access enabled in phone settings.


Go to Settings -> Location / Security&privacy -> Location permissions / Location access. You can find these settings by searching "Location" in the search tab. Location must be enabled for Golf Pad app here. If you use Android 10 or later, please select the "Always on" option to ensure you receive the most accurate location instantly whenever you check the phone.


Go to Settings --> Privacy --> Location Services --> on --> Golf Pad --> and set "Always". Click here to find more information on location services. 

Acquiring GPS signal may take up to a few minutes. Please be sure you are outside with clear unobstructed view of the sky.

If everything is set up correctly, but there is still no location in Golf Pad, use GPS Test application to check GPS signal availability and accuracy. Note, apps like Maps rely on multiple sources to acquire approximate location (like cellular tours and Wi-Fi network), so they may show location even if GPS signal is not acquired. 

If GPS Test can't acquire location, please contact phone manufacturer's support. There may be a problem with your phone's hardware or configuration.

If GPS Test reports accurate location (accuracy under 10 meters/yards) while Golf Pad shows no location at the same time, please email support@golfpadgps.com and include GPS Test app screenshot. We'll be happy to take a closer look.

If distances don't show in Golf Pad app on your watch when the phone screen is off, see the following troubleshooting guide: Distances in Golf Pad do not update when phone screen is off