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Galaxy Watch 4 and Wear OS 3

Will Golf Pad work on the new Galaxy Watch 4 ? Knud

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It would be wonderful customer service if a weekly email went out with how is the update coming, revised target date, etc.

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I got tired of waiting for an update of the Wear OS 3 version, so I’ve returned my Galaxy Watch 4, and will just continue to use my legacy Gear S3.

Still no update? Cindy Scillo? I'm usually a patient guy, but only when I'm kept in the loop, so please don't force me to start looking for alternatives! My old friend Golfshot is starting to look more and more appealing as they've rolled out many updates for their Wear OS 3 app in the same period you've been completely silent.

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Hi Espen. It looks to be about a week before club selection will be available on Wear OS3. If I get an update in the next day or so, I'll update my response. We are working hard to bring this to you. It's a priority for our team and we appreciate your patience and understanding. 

UPDATE: The team has confirmed they expect to have club selection in about 4- 5 days. Roll-outs are phased. It will first be made available to a small percentage to ensure everything goes smoothly, then a larger percentage and so on, until all users will have the update available. 

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Hi cindy if you guys need beta testers please let me know thanks

Hi Tim - Thank you! I don't think we need testers for Wear OS3 right now, however, you can always sign up for our beta programs for the Golf Pad app here

Standalone function and club tracking were the only reason I went with the premium subscription 2 years ago.  When is that going to be available on the Wear OS3? 

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Is there an update with regards to timing for wear os 3 standalone support? Your customers are getting impatient. This really is a key feature that wear os 3 customers are missing out on....

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Thank you for your candid feedback. Porting the functionality from Tizen (Galaxy Watch3 and earlier) to Wear OS (Galaxy Watch4 and other brands) is the top priority for our team. Since it's a completely different platform with a different programming language and different set of tools, this requires substantial amount of work and unfortunately is taking longer than we hoped. We appreciate your patience and understanding. We are now starting internal testing of the new Wear OS app that includes standalone mode, club entry and other features. Assuming all goes well, we should have it ready for beta in a few weeks and general release following that.

Thanks for the response and explaining the difficulties. More than happy to help with beta testing.

Hi Mikhail - Read more about the Beta program here. Thanks for your interest. - Cindy

Is there any update on support for Galaxy Watch 4 in terms of general release date? Thanks

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Great news all! We’re happy to announce two new highly anticipated features are being rolled out now: Standalone capability, so you can use the GPS-equipped watch without the phone, and club tracking right on the watch.  Read about the roll-out here

Thank you all for your patience and understanding. The development team worked hard and into the wee hours of the night to make this happen before the New Year. 

Reviews are the lifeblood of any app. Please consider sharing a review in Google Play or updating an existing review once you've had time to try out the new features. If you have technical issues or questions, contact our support team so we can help. We appreciate each of you!

Looking forward to using the new features. Unfortunately although my watch updated on Wednesday it is now Saturday and the phone software has not made its way to my phone (yes, I have checked manually). I played a round yesterday and wasn't able to use the watch :( I am not sure if there is a solution to this but maybe in the future deploy the app version some days ahead of the watch.

Hi Robert - thanks for reporting this. You should have the update now. Please check. If you still don't see it, contact support so we can help you out .