Font Size on score entry screen for Boomers

Posted almost 4 years ago by Jean Nadeau

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Jean Nadeau

I am a 61-year-old late boomer golfer who wears glasses only to read.  I certainly don't need them to play golf...until I want to enter my score on GolfPadGPS. 

I tried to optimize the screen display by increasing the font size and daylight but it does not impact the readability on the GolfPadGPS shots entry screen.  The same issue arises when you want to edit your entry.  The icons are very tiny and hard to view, particularly on sunny days.

It is a bit better with ''Tap to enter quick score'' mode but still, the ''Hole'' number and ''Par'' (top of the screen) lack of contrast or size (or both) and the ''Putts'' number should not be greyed.

Be nice if you could increase the font size and/or improve the contrast of the icons and action buttons on the screen.  Ultimately a ''Boomer Interface'' mode would be cool :)

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Cindy Wren

Cindy Wren posted almost 4 years ago Admin

Hi Jean - Thanks for your suggestion and feedback. I'll be sure the developers receive it for consideration. - Cindy

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