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Adjust brightness on lock screen

 Request to add an option to adjust the brightness on the lockscreen. It is so dark right now that I can' even use it in play unless I find somewhere in the shade that's dark enough to see the screen.

So, an option to increase the brightness is needed.

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Hi Jfhammer - thanks for asking. We've taken into account user feedback for our interface update. I don't have specifics as I'm not on the project day to day, but readability, especially outdoors, is definitely an element our team is focused on. - Cindy

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Hi Michael Tokarski - thanks for your post and I'm glad to see you found the solution! We have a big user interface upcoming before long. Keep an eye out for an update. - Cindy

Hi! Any info you can share on the user interface updates coming? would love to see bigger, easier to read  scoring on smartwatch. It's pretty small now, have to pull out my reader glasses to input score :-)

Actually. Ignore this. I just found out that, if I hold my finger on the up arrow the screen goes bright for a few seconds - enough to read the details.

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