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Can any Android Wear OS watch with GPS run Standalone or only Samsung?

Can any Android Wear OS watch with GPS run Standalone or do only Samsung (Tizen) and Apple watches work standalone? Sorry, I cannot determine that from your website. Is the general Android compatibility page referring to watches that can sync to the phone and use the Phone's GPS, or can the Android Wear OS watches with GPS listed run standalone with the phone in the bag?

I'm trying to select the best value Smartwatch. My phone is Android (Pixel 2 xl). I don't want to drop $200+ for a smartwatch just to use it for golf. I'd carry my phone instead. Would prefer the convenience of using the Watch GPS though.

Thanks, Al

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Please visit our announcement here for the latest update on this topic.

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Is there any update on the promised new Wear OS version including club selection, standalone feature, etc. ? You promised so many times...

Thanks for asking Ray! Club selection should be available in the next several days! 

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Is there any update on standalone for Wear OS?

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Beat - thanks for letting us know your thoughts on the update and for sharing a screenshot. We're working on Standalone mode. - Cindy

Happy to have received the new Wear OS app version 15. The app shows now hole numbers, strokes and distances in better readable bold fonts, very happy to see this improvments. Beside this visual improvements not update on the app yet.

Looking forward to get the standalone mode and club selection feature in the next update hopefully. -Beat 

Aungmynt - Thanks for asking. Huawei watch GT 2 pro uses Lite OS, which is not currently supported. Here's a list of watches compatible with Golf Pad.

Can i use Huawei watch GT 2 pro?

Hi Richard and Graham - we anticipate having Standalone mode available for Wear OS 3 by the end of September. That said, things do come up that may change the date we are able to launch the feature. Please keep an eye out for any new updates so you have access as soon as it's available. 

Graham  - it's been announced that Ticwatch should be receiving the Wear OS 3 update, so you'll be able to enjoy the Standalone mode as well as all the other features of Golf Pad Premium. I do hope you'll stick around to use all the features. Most users find the small annual investment in Premium well worth it. 

Just received my new Ticwatch, so disappointed with the Golfpad watch app, I should have read the small print, no club selection or stand alone options, I'll be cancelling next years subscription.

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Dear Cindy,

Galaxy 4 comes out this you have a date as to when the standalone for wear os will be ready?


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Hi Ray- sorry for my delay in replying. Right now, Wear OS isn't compatible with Standalone mode, but this is something we are working on. 

Hi Cindy. I have a Ticwatch Pro 4G/LTE. Apparently it still runs on Wear OS 2.4 so if I understand correctly it will not work in stand alone, is that correct?

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That's correct. At this time Wear OS 2.0 doesn't work in standalone mode. - Cindy

Thanks Cindy. So Wear OS 2.0 doesn't work standalone?  Only Tizen 4 or greater phones?  That would limit standalone use to only Samsung Phones with Tizen 4 or greater then, right? Thanks for your help! -Al

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