Standalone update on Galaxy Watch 4 and Wear OS 3

Is Golf Pad compatible with the new Wear OS3? Yes!  

Does Golf Pad have club selection and Standalone mode with Wear OS3 watches? Yes!

We’re happy to announce two new highly anticipated features are available now: Standalone capability, so you can use the GPS-equipped watch without the phone, and club tracking right on the watch. These features are available with watch app v. 23 or later and phone app v. 15.8 or later.   Read about the roll-out here

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Some users have reported receiving the update on the watch, but not the phone. Google is taking longer than normal to roll out the update to all users. If you notice this, we’ve found that clearing your Google Play cache on your phone, may force the update (v. 15.8 or later) to appear. 

To clear the Google Play cache

  • open the Google Play store app on your phone

  • press and hold the app icon to open a dialog menu

  • tap the “i” (info) symbol on the right side of the menu

  • tap “storage”

  • tap “clear cache”

  • tap “force stop”

  • launch Google Play again 

  • search for Golf Pad and verify the update is 15.80 or later.

  • download the update

If this doesn’t refresh the version of your Golf Pad app, sit tight! Google Play will soon roll the update out to all users. 

I installed the watch app v.23 on my Wear OS 2 TicWatch and the phone app 15.80.  Happy to see that the club tracking is working now from my watch.

However no standalone capability (is it because of not having Wear OS3 ?).

Another strange behaviour: when the watch goes to idle mode then indicated hole number is always wrong, the hole 9 gets to hole 81, hole 18 gets to hole 171, very funny.
Additionally I could always see the actual time in idle mode, now the area is empty. 

Please update and correct the app. 


My update still hasn't landed and my watch won't display anything from golf pad until I update. I've tried clearing the cache and force stopping the play store but still no joy. Is there anything else I can do? I'm due to play golf again this weekend and would like to use my watch

I had the same issue.  I uninstalled the app from both my phone and watch and then reinstalled them from Google Play.  I now have the latest versions.

The apps on both my watch and phone are updated and still I can't seem to use the Standalone mode for my watch. Its not very intuitive and its getting frustrating.

Hi Carl - thanks for letting us know you are having trouble. Please start with this help article to ensure you have the correct versions and settings enabled. Once you do, it should be easy to use. If you follow those steps and still have trouble, please contact our support team so we can give you one-on-one help.

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