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Reporting an issue with a 9 hole course

hi there, I can't get your app to calculate the correct nett score when playing a 9 hole course and playing on 9 holes. E.G.Tickenham Golf Club. As an 8 HC I should get shots on holes 3, 5, 7, and 9. However, the app does not give me shots on 7 and 9 unless I manually amend their SI to 4 and 3 respectively as I'm only playing 9 holes. The stroke indexes are correct for 18 holes but on 9 holes unless I manually edit the SIs, the nett score works out incorrectly. On a side note, If I try to edit the SI I can only choose SI of 1-9 there is no option for 10-18? I end up having to fudge my score to get it to calculate correctly. Any ideas. Thanks Simon
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