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'Waiting for GPS' on Samsung watches in standalone mode


Any idea when this update will happen? I recently bought the Golf Pad premium only to discover it doesn't do standalone on my Samsung Watch. This was the reason I bought premium in the first place. Somewhat annoyed!

Thanks for reaching out and for your patience. We are actively investigating, but unfortunately can't reproduce with any of our test devices, which makes fixing the issue much more difficult. Here's a support article with more details: 'Waiting for GPS' on Samsung watches in standalone mode.  

We added some extra reporting in the latest watch app update, which we hope will help us catch the problem soon. 

In the mean time, you can still use the watch app in 'Connected' mode. Open Golf Pad settings / Smartwatch sync and selected 'Connected' for Samsung watches. Note, you will need to have the phone within Bluetooth range of the watch when using this mode. 

We will update the article above as soon as permanent fix is available.


Is there any update on when this issue will be resolved. Have the latest versions of GP and Tizen yet it is still not able to work in standalone mode

Hi Brett - Yes, the issue is resolved in a version released several weeks ago. To confirm,  please update in Samsung Wearable app on your phone. You should have version 5.2.2 or later of the Golf Pad watch app. Be sure you are running the latest version of Golf Pad phone app too (15.4 or later).  If you verify this and still have issues, please open a support ticket using this link. 

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