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Slope and course rating on Android

I have Golf pad installed on both my personal Android phone and my work iPhone. The handicap calculation works differently on both phones for courses that are made up of multiple 9 hole courses. The course I play most often is Pheasant Run, Newmarket, Ontario - which consists of three nines. As an example, the Highlands (rating 35.4,slope 135) and Midlands (rating 34.3, slope 127) courses produces a combined rating of 69.7 and slope 131 on the iPhone (correct). But on Android, the combined rating and slope is 70.8 and 135. Instead of taking the average of the 2 courses, it is just using Highlands course and doubling the rating, and keeping its slope. This messes up the handicap calculation.

Hi Greg. Thanks for letting us know about this. Have you noticed any inconsistencies on other courses also? I'm going to submit this as a support ticket for you so our team can look into it closer. We may need more info from you. We'll email you soon. 

Seems to behave in the same manner playing at the same course, but using a different combinations of nines. Haven't played anywhere else that has individual ratings/slopes for each nine.

Looks like the support team was able to update the slope and rating for all 3 courses at the Pheasant Run.  As indiated in the email reply to you, please let them know if you still have an issue at that course. 

thanks, everything looks good now...

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