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Strokes Gained - stats development

I think it's great that you have built Strokes Gained into the app, as it's been proven to be a much better monitor for performance than some of the more traditional stats that get discussed. 

However, I would really like to see some development beyond just the calculation of average Strokes Gained stats for whatever period is selected. 

I have a few ideas:

On the main statistics screen

- provide a graphical representation of strokes gained over time

- as well as average over a certain time, also show the best and worst

On the individual round screen

- show a comparison of the strokes gained for that round against the average for whatever window is used in the main statistics i.e. past 10 rounds, 6 months, etc.

If there are other things you have in mind I'd love to see them. This is an area which I think has so much potential for growth and capacity for players to use to track performance and drive improvement

Thanks for listening

Thanks David. We really appreciate suggestions from our users. We'll be sure the development team received this for consideration. 

Hi again David. Our development team said we do plan a major update for statistics in Golf Pad and will include improvements for Strokes Gained. This list looks great and we will likely add more. Targeting later this year / early 2019.

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