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Visibility of past shots/club choices during a round

Would it be possible to add the ability to see past shots/club choices on a hole during a round?

I am thinking that this could function like a "ghost" trail - you could go into the map whilst playing a hole, and toggle on/off the shot tracker for previous rounds. Maybe it could show one/all of the following "best", "worst", "most recent", "all" - possible toggling between them.

Ideally I see this as being a feature you could see on the map of a hole as you play it. However, if this is too difficult to implement then an alternative would be allowing it to be seen through the Statistics - > Courses view.

I know currently there is the pseudo map with Red/White dots for drives and approaches. However, there is no club information shown with these which minimises the usefulness.

Thanks for listening. Would be interested to know what you think of this

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Thanks for the suggestion! We'll pass this to the development team for consideration. 

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