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"Consider this a tournament round for handicap index compitation" checkbox

What is this? What does it do? Do you check this only if it's and official tournament? Does it have to be checked in order to count that round for your handicap?
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Great question Christian. Here's the reason we have that option available to our users:

Exceptional tournament scores are accounted differently. Here's the relevant info from USGA rules:

Q. What is the effect of a tournament score on a player's USGA Handicap Index? 
A. A player whose scoring record includes two or more tournament scores that are exceptionally (three or more strokes) lower than his or her USGA Handicap Index will be subject to a reduction in Handicap Index. If your club uses a computation service, the adjustment is probably done automatically. If not, the Handicap Committee must follow the procedure shown in the manual. After a Handicap Index has been reduced, the Committee can further reduce or override the reduction of a Handicap Index. A USGA Handicap Index reduction for exceptional tournament scores is calculated at each handicap revision and may vary from revision to revision based on factors outlined in Section 10-3.

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