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Ability to select clubs on Samsung Gear

I've just started using Golf Pad after buying a Samsung Gear sport and finding out that my usual golf app doesn't have an app for the watch. Golf Pad is good and I'm liking it but it's really lacking the ability to select the club you're using from the watch as you take the shot. I believe you can use the phone to input each club used after the you've finished the hole. But isn't the whole point of using a smartwatch so that you don't have to take you phone out of your pocket? Please add this feature ASAP.

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Jon - welcome to the Golf Pad community! We're glad you are enjoying the app. We have this feature on our feature list and appreciate the suggestion. Keep 'em coming!

I second Jon's thoughts.  

I've been using Game Golf for over a year but I recently switch to Android and have been looking for a suitable replacement.  I thought I had found it with Golf Pad, but I guess I made the mistake and assumed selecting your club from your watch would be part of the premium features.

I honestly feel duped.  Game Golf has this feature and it is completely free.  Game Golf is free and so is the ability to use your watch and select your club from the watch.  

I am especially critical as this a paid for app and there are many free app that allow you to input a shot, but without inputting a club the data is basically useless.  I refuse to pull my phone out after every shot or input it at a later date??? Who can remember that?

Taylormade has the feature with myroundpro, again a free app.  I will be contacting Golf Pad for a refund.  Hoping they will add this feature sooner rather than later.

I completely agree with this request.

In fact I did raise a similar request a long time ago, but still no news.

Very sad.

Hello Knud (and all!) This feature it's on our list and we do plan to add it to the app. We just don't have a concrete target date yet. We always listen to your feedback and suggestions, so please do keep them coming! 


Kenneth - thanks for chiming in on this feature request. We are working on this. :)

This is great news. Fingers crossed it will be with us shortly. 

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