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Bluetooth issues with link reader

I recently bought a new phone, a Oneplus 5 running oreo 8.0/8.1.

Since then I've been experiencing bluetooth issues with my link reader.

First issue is that the only way to connect to the reader is by choosing "pair new device" every time. It will never connect automatically.

Second issue is that the connection is unreliable, and drops off occasionally. Last few holes I played without my watch, and that might have improved the stability.

Anyone else experiencing problems?

Bluetooth worked perfect today, after yesterdays update (android). Another question... how do I pick upp ball on iOs? I cant find any option for that, and all my rounds, where I have picked up has to many points on my iPad.

Hi Jens. Thanks for posting your question. I'll ask the developers to chime in. I'll reply again soon.

Thanks for the update. We have "pick up" on our Android platform and it will be coming soon to iOS! 

Hello again. Quick update to let you know our developers are investigating the issue. 

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