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List of upcoming changes /what's next?

Hi there, I've seen mentioned, and had replies to previous tickets, saying that there is a major overhaul of the stats coming in terms of both information and presentation. Any chance you can list what these changes will be? Also, I'm curious what is next for golf pad in terms of developments; first there was the app/tags, then came link. Are there any plans to develop further - maybe along the lines of incorporating a swing sensor? The reason I ask is that there are some new apps being advertised at the moment which seems to integrate the classic GPS/stats functionality (e.g. Golf Pad) with swing analysis along the lines of the Zepp. I'm quite interested in a swing sensor, and was looking at something separate to run alongside golf pad, but if these features were all part of the same package that would obviously be pretty convenient. Appreciate you might not be able to give details due to sensitive info, but an indication of intent would be awesome if indeed it is on the cards :)
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