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New feature - bag/club range graph

I saw this feature in another app and thought it would be a great inclusion to golf pad (and I think pretty easy to do as you have the info already) The feature/stat is a single graphical display of the yardage-range coverage for the whole bag. The y-axis is yardage, the x-axis is a list of all clubs in the bag, and the plot is basically a single bar thar shows the range of yardage that you hit with each club. This allows a simple view of what sort of coverage you have for different yardages in your bag, and could assist in deciding what clubs to include (i.e. it looks like my 4h is mostly redundant as there's a strong overlap with my 3h and 5i, maybe I could take it out and add another wedge) Thanks for listening! David
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Hi David - thanks for the suggestions. We'll pass this along to our team for consideration. Glad you are enjoying the app!

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