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Change to driving stats for course/hole history

Looking at individual holes in course history I noticed that, even if more than 2 clubs have been used for driving on that hole, only data for 2 clubs is shown

It also appears to be sorted alphabetically as to which clubs are shown, which means that if I've used a Driver, 3W, and 4i, it's not going to show my Driver stats..... This is from a real example - I mostly use Driver on a hole, but tried a 4i and 3w once due to conditions. The stats are only shown for 3W (14%) and 4i (14%),, leaving my driver (72%) unable to be viewed.

Can you please change change this. Preferably so that all clubs can be viewed by scrolling across/expanding to a new page, but if not then at least sorting by %used so that the most commonly used club(s) is/are visible.



Sorry - one more note on this. For that same hole, I noticed that my 3W (14%) shows n/a for the fairway hit data. When I dug into this I realised that it was because on that particular hole my tee shot was originally with Driver, however this went OoB to the right so I added a penalty stroke and hit a second tee shot with the 3W.

Can you could allow for a second recording of "fairway hit/missed" in the event of a second tee shot. i.e. make it so the fairway hit stat is allocated to shots with the "Tee" location, rather than being a once per hole thing?

Thanks again, and love the app


Thanks for the feedback. I'll pass this to the team to see if there is an immediate solution. 

Hi David. Are you using iPhone or Android? It should display the 2 most frequently used clubs so we are looking into this. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

We will also be working on a major update for statistics and will look into making this data available for all clubs.


Thanks Cindy, I've replied with the details to the email you sent me. To confirm, I'm using Android. And if it's supposed to be the most recent then it's definitely acting incorectly as the two clubs displayed are the first club I used (3w) and then the second-most recent (4I). I can tell a both clubs have only been used once to tee off on that particular hole. I look forwards to the big update! Can you tell me about the second comment I made in terms of feature request to allow the fairway hit/missed stat to be tracked for all tee shots (including when the are multiple on a single hole due to a penalty)? Thanks again
Official tour stats on fairways hit on a tee shot are only relevant for the 1st tee shot.

David - I'm looking into this for you. Thanks.

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