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Almost perfect

I love the Golfpad app and feel like the idea and execution almost makes this the perfect system for stat tracking as a Magellan smartwatch user. Only two things missing which I feel should be doable is to be able to set pin location from the watch and for the gps system to identify the bunkers without having to manually edit. Please please please is there a way to have the option to set pin location from my watch??? Please.

Leo - we do strive for perfection! :) Thanks for your suggestions. We will pass this to the team. Have you seen Golf Pad LINK yet? We are releasing a feature soon where you can mark the pin location using the wireless reader - without a phone.

Cindy. thanks for the reply.  I totally get the Golf Pad Link promo but I would really hate to remember to go through the process of tagging my clubs.  Also, would like to save the $230 since I already paid for a smart watch and the premium service with Golf Pad.  I am not a programmer but I do think that adding an easier way to mark the above mentioned pin placement should be something that can get done.  Not saying this is the case, but it would suck if this feature is missing in order for better sales of the Link/Tag systems.  Thanks again for the quick response. Have a great day! 

Leo - I understand. As you've probably seen, we are constantly improving the features available in Golf Pad. It's the heart of our business. Our team carefully evaluates all suggestions. Thanks again for chiming in. 

Cindy. Hope you and yours had a good thanksgiving. So after some back and forth I went and purchased the Link system but now I am being told that I do not have the ability to mark pin location via the link reader and still have to do this through the phone? Please tell me I am wrong???
I forgot one other question. Is there a way to change the name of clubs or add clubs? Like if I have 2 diff drivers that I might switch between? A way to keep data for the 2 separate clubs and see which club performs better?

Leo - we added the feature to mark the pin from the LINK reader itself. If you got information to the contrary, I'm sorry. This is a new feature we just made available. 

We also have a custom clubs feature that allows you to compare performance of different clubs. Here are details. Glad to hear you ordered LINK! 

For iOS users?

Leo - We are working with Apple to get the udpate for iOS released soon, which will give iOS users the same features mentioned above. Sorry for any confusion!

All good. No need to apologize. The confusion was on my end as I just read somewhere about the iOS part you mentioned. Was able to use my link system today and overall it worked flawlessly. Just one shot was not recorded and another recorded for wrong hole but that is something I could have avoided by double checking what hole system was on. After today’s experience I can confidently say that I believe you guys have the best overall product/service. Thanks again.

Thank you, Leo. Glad to hear you had a great round with LINK today. We'd love for you to share a review on FB to share your experience. :) 

Leo - does the Magellan watch not have a screen that you can swipe left and right? I use an ASUS Zenwatch 2 and if I swipe to the left on the watch face, I can set the flag, undo a shot, mark a penalty and advance a hole. The advance hole is never used since the software handles that without a problem - plus, if I need to switch between holes, I can just swipe up or down from the main screen. But, even though I can set the flag from my watch by swiping to the left a few screens, I would like the option to do that from the main yardage screen, as well as set penalties from that same screen. I like your idea of getting the software to recognize if you're in a bunker - it can recognize if you're in the fairway or the rough (most of the time), so knowing when you're in a bunker should be doable.

Randy- I originally thought I would be able to swipe but I am pretty sure the watch is not a touchscreen and does not have the capability.  Even without this having the watch does make using golfpad much easier for me instead of having to pull phone out just in case i need to switch holes etc. There are 4 buttons (two on each side) of the watch which let you 1. mark shot 2. change hole forward 3. change hole back and i'm blanking on the fourth.  Would be cool if we could somehow configure the actions for each button.  

Btw. I agree with what everyone is saying about the system not recognizing bunkers but at the same time i do not mind having to mark bunker shots/situations because having to do so really help me remember the actual situation and what i did wrong to end up there. 

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