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How's it going with LINK?

We've made a lot of updates since the launch this summer. THANK YOU to all your early adopters and Kickstarter backers who provided valuable feedback. You are the reason Golf PAd LINK is here!

As the season winds down (for most of us), we want to ask how you enjoyed using LINK. 

What did you enjoy most about tracking your game with LINK? 

If you are a first time user of Golf Pad, did you notice changes to your stats? 

Do you have any tips to share with your fellow golfers? 

I'm sure, like myself, other users that have paid in excess of £175 (in the UK) would like to read what is said with regard to the demise of the golfpad link system. I get fed up with requests to "Contact me directly" so leaving others in the dark. This really is a shambles. Unfortunate since, when it worked, it was a damn good system.

I am working on a DIY fix for the Link. I'll be posting back when I have enough time to report on the fix.

Hi Peter. I appreciate your feedback. Please know that direct communication is sometimes necessary because each customer situation is unique. Some own TAGS, some don't. Some are LINK users, some aren't. Some are within warranty, others aren't. The invitation to communicate directly is an open one. If you have additional questions, you can contact us directly as well. Thanks for all your feedback and comments. 

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