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How's it going with LINK?

We've made a lot of updates since the launch this summer. THANK YOU to all your early adopters and Kickstarter backers who provided valuable feedback. You are the reason Golf PAd LINK is here!

As the season winds down (for most of us), we want to ask how you enjoyed using LINK. 

What did you enjoy most about tracking your game with LINK? 

If you are a first time user of Golf Pad, did you notice changes to your stats? 

Do you have any tips to share with your fellow golfers? 

I have just purchased the link and so far it is wonderful. Already the club recommendations are a great help. It has also helped with my setup routine having to register the club and wait for the confirmation. Just having problem with the gear 3 since their update but I believe this is being rectified. Would recommend this system to anyone. My two brothers are already waiting for the next sale to purchase. Thanks for the support and initial help from all.

Hi Gary. Thanks for sharing your feedback about your experience with Golf Pad LINK. If you'd like to post a review on Facebook, it will help others who are looking for more insight about the system. 

I have had Golf pad for over a year now and probably well over 1000 shots registered.I was an early link user as well. The distance statistics from the initial period forced me to be realistic on club selection with immediate benefits to my scores. Then the figures showing the changes due to low seasonal temperatures again gave me a distance adjustment wake up. A very interesting statistic has been the greens in regulation per club. Clearly shows that if I can put my drives on or near the fairway within 135 yds of the green then I have about 70% chance of hitting the green. If 150 yds then only 45% chance. My handicap has improved since starting to use the system. I have started marking my putts and flag positions with the new facilities. I hold judgement on this until next year in normal playing conditions but at this stage think that the gps accuracy may not be precise enough to give the detail of missing putts left/right/short/long or at what distance the statistics show a marked degradation in holed putts. Overall the system with the link is great. I have not taken it to the point of also buying a watch as the overall cost then becomes too much. I rely on my laser for distances to the flag and occasionally pull out my phone to check certain distances to bunkers etc. Off the course before important competitions, I play a new course virtually to work out shot placement positions and club selections for each hole. It gives some good ideas before making the decisions on the course. A word about the client relations: I have found the responses to any problems have been solved rapidly and generously at a level found rarely.

Richard - it's great to hear how you've been able to become more aware of your game using the app and now Golf Pad LINK. Sounds like you have a great strategy for using it to improve your game! Thanks for sharing your experience.

I've been waiting for the standalone LINK to be in stock for what seems like months, and now I'm not seeing it listed on your webpage.  I bought the Tags before the LINK was released and like them a lot, but my phone battery barely makes it through a round.  Is it no longer possible to buy the LINK without the Tags?

Hi Kevin. We removed the standalone option for our holiday promotion. We do plan to stock it again, we just don’t have any available right now.

I am also disappointed that the stand-alone Link is not available and the Facebook suggestion that I encourage someone else to buy the package but they only get the tags and I buy the Link from them is a little disingenuous at best!  If you have the Link available for the package deal, why can't you guys split them out and sell them separately instead of asking me to do it? 

Hello Eric - I'm sorry if the suggestion was not to your liking. We've had some customers find it to be a good solution. Our inventory is stored offsite at a fulfillment center. It's not possible to split them out. I'll have someone get in touch to see if we can find a solution for you. 

i think ive used the Tags for almost 3 years now and I'd love to be able to contribute positively on Link, unfortunately I can't because I've never, ever seen it (i.e. Link only) in stock. and I've never received any emails despite registering on at least 3 separate occasions in the past 9 months or so

Hi David - thanks for your feedback. We're sorry we've been out of stock and understand your frustration. We'll message you privately to try to find a solution.

Hi Cindy, can I get a PM as well as I'm still waiting for the standalone to be available?  Thank you.

Hi Kevin - yes, I'll send you a DM. 

Three weeks ago (January 11, 2019) I received an email from your staff with the following information:




Subject: Golf Pad LINK update + Special Offer


UPDATE: New Golf Pad TAGS are now available for both iPhone and Android. We've decided to stop LINK production.


We appreciate your interest in Golf Pad LINK. We're extending a special offer so you can join the thousands of golfers enjoying Golf Pad TAGS with iPhone and Android.


Use code NEWTAGS to save 35%, plus get free US or $15 flat international shipping and a 30 day money back guarantee.


We'll continue supporting existing LINK users. Future innovation will focus on TAGS to give users the best possible experience.




As you know from my support request of November 21, 2018, I purchased Golf Pad TAGS after reading in these forums that LINK would continue to be produced and that you were simply experiencing a backlog.


ME (Nov 21): "Please give me an estimate of when LINK will be available, and let me know whether you will allow users who purchased TAGS only because LINK with TAGS was not available will be allowed to purchase a standalone LINK -- and what the anticipated cost will be."


YOU (Nov 23): "Thank you for your interest in LINK. We're sold out and due to a supply chain issue, it will still be at least a few months before we have more. We will have options for people who already own TAGS. Cost will be about $149 - subject to change (lower) depending on a few variables."


But now, not only is LINK dead but you are offering a reduced price and free shipping for ***new*** TAG purchases -- but you do not offer any compensation to TAG customers (like me) who had purchased TAGS based on the repeated promise that LINK was on the way.


At the same time, as I pointed out in a different thread (Ability to select clubs on Samsung Gear), you have made zero progress after well over a year of repeated requests from many users for that feature -- which some of your competitors have had for a while (including in free apps).


In the context of the TAGS/LINK issue, it is not unreasonable to wonder whether the delay in providing the "select club on watch" feature might have something to do with the likely negative impact on TAG sales if the feature is ever implemented on Golf Pad -- particularly if you are trying to figure out the best path for Golf Pad (without LINK) to eventually transition to "select club on watch" and drop TAGS like you dropped LINK.

Hi Keith - I think you and I may have already exchanged emails on this topic outside of the forum, if not, feel free to contact me directly through - just mention my name and we can correspond there. I understand your frustration. Email and I'll help you reach a solution. 

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