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iOS 11.0.1 GPS Accuracy

Has anyone run into issues with accuracy since updating to 11.0.1?

I was on a course yesterday and they have a GPS video system in their carts.  On most holes I was consistently about 20yds off what their system was stating.  Usually i'm a yard or two different than them.

I finally started pulling out my range finder and scoping the flag.  those readings were in line with what the cart GPS system was showing.

In the past I've never had a reason to not trust the phone and/or GolfPad GPS.  The only difference I can think of is the iOS update.


Thanks for posting the question. We will also ask the development team to check on this. If you have the issue again, please do a three finger press on your screen. Hold for a few seconds. A dialog will pop up so you can "report a problem". This will send the team details at that moment so we have more to look at. You can also send a support request to 

I had the chance to use the app again.  I also updated to iOS 11.0.2 and power cycled phone.  

I didn't have any anomalies like I first noted.  I don't always play with the app, and when I do I don't always have a chance to double check everything.  But, at the moment it seems maybe this is a non issue


Hi Brad - We're happy to hear all is working well now! Let us know if you need anything else! 

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