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Redeeming a Premium Code

 So I have an account, been a premium subscriber for a couple years. I got a Link and it came with a code for 1 year premium (been saving it until my premium expired)

My premium expired today even got an e-mail asking me to renew...So i goto renew theres no where to enter the code...

Whether I login on my phone or computer or tablet theres only an option to enter a credit card and pay...No thanks seeing as I have a perfectly good code...

How do I redeem this code...the help/faq tips are useless as they appear outdated and the option to enter the code is not there

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Ok so this can be closed. It was rectified. Clearly a bug and or miscommunication. My app and email said i expired on the 10th. Which i did. Was also weird because on android devices i was still showing premium but on ios i was showing free version. Long and short was my accnt was still showing and flagged premium even until today (let me play my round as premium) once round was done my accnt swapped to free version allowing me to put in my key which came with link and it worked
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