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Android vs, IOs

I'm running golfpad on android and iPad and there seems to be a lot of issues with the IOs app. I have opened a number of support tickets about the hcp calculation not working on the IOs app. This was 1 or 2 month ago. I got an email some of the issues was about to be fixed, but I haven't heard anything since then.

Apart from the hcp issues, there's a couple of thing that bugs me... When playing I use my android, which works fine. (I cant, as mentioned, use IOs since it basically gives me a random playing hcp). Then when I try to look at at the round on IOs, the selected tee is gone, and my stableford points is for a scratch golfer. Even if I select a tee the points are really low.

Another weird thing happened the other day when me and my friend tried to play a group round. Myself on android and he on IOs. Both's scores was fine on my (synced) scorecard was fine, but on his device my scores was super low. Like scratch golfer low, again...

Summing up... (1) hcp calculation seems to work for some courses, but not for some on IOs. (2) there's issues viewing a round on IOs, played on android, and (3) group rounds doesn't work well with a mix of android and IOs devices.

One last thing... On Kungsängen King Course, (Stockholm, Sweden), there are tees on IOs, but not on android. Are you using separate databases? Seems like a bad idea to me.

Oh... that reminds me of another issue/difference... On android I can search typing 'kungsängen', but on IOs I must type 'kungsangen' (a instead of ä)

Thats all for now ;)

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@Jens - Thank you for the details and feedback. Great to know the comparison between two. We will pass this to the development team.

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