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Tracking Club When Used for Other Purpose

So when tracking clubs, if I hit the PLUS icon in bottom-right of screen for my driver shot, and I land under a tree and use my 4 iron to punch out about 10 yards, should I hit the PLUS icon again and select the 4i even though it would typically be used for a much longer shot?

Hi Ronald, you can select the 4i in this example. The app is sophisticated enough to recognize it's a shorter shot than the club would normally have and filter that data accordingly. I hope that helps! Other users may chime in too.

Yah the apps algorythms and such seem yo be very smart when inclduing shots for certain things. As a link user i tag every shot. Even if its a 4i punch shot. Or a 7i chip. It will automatically exclude these shots from distance calculations usually. It also works the opposite ive found too. Ive had it where i hit any shot and am tracking it. Goto my ball and hit again and forget to tag it. But then tag on the third shot. It will think my 1st shot will be super long but will later exclude it.
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