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Link reader glitching out?

My last three rounds my link reader has been bugging out. First and foremost i love my link. And keep it fully charged. Anyways heres the issue. Randomly my link right after tagging a shot cuts out. It doesnt disconnect it literally shuts off and stops working. No lights flash at all. Any other tags dont register. Its like it turned off. Except the power button wont work to turn it back on. The power button will do nothing in this state. The only way to fix it is to hit the reset button. Then it powers back on and i have to resync to my phone and wait for it to get a GPS signal again. Making it useless for another few holes. Today's round it happened twice. Every time its right after a tag. But its been diff clubs. Anyone have any ideas suggestions etc. Is it a hardware issue? Do i have a faulty link? Did the firmware mess it up? Is it happenig to anyone else.

Open a ticket as I'm sure you have a faulty unit. I had the unit lock-up on me once during a round when BOTH green and blue lights remained on constantly. Had to do a reset and was able to resume my round. 

Which reminds me - ensure you have something similar to a paper clip in your golf bag in case you have to do a reset on the golf course. I couldn't find anything at the time, and Magiver'd it by using the key ring on the golf cart.

I did open a ticket. Was just curious. As ive had the unit awhile and it just randomly started happening.

Thanks for posting. Have you noticed any environmental changes? Did this start immediately after the firmware update? 

Nope. The firmware update was done awhile ago without issue. Had many rounds since then. The only change recently it switching from an iphone 6 to an lg g6. However upon initial switch ive played many rounds on the g6 without issue. Probably 4 to 5. This issue happened randomly. The only issue ive ever had since switching to the lg is every round since round one. My first shot tags no issue. However its almost as if the link tbinks the phone is offline however the indictator lights depict a good bluetooth and gps location. However the first shot doesnt show up on the phone app. I have to open thr app and it pops up a message sayibg "it appears you have tracked shots on your link would you like to import them now" or something along those lines. Once i import them it tracks all subsequent shots without issue and workd as intended. A small problem that i was able to live with. However this new issue is making the link unusable and ruining rounds.

We will have our development team look into this for you. It's nothing we've heard reported before. If anyone else is seeing the same issue, please chime in. 

Yah im not sure whats happened. If its just a faulty unit needing replacing or somethings happened or what.
Well, I've been having a few problems for the last two rounds now as well. The second last round similarly I had no lights and the power button had no effect, and had to do a reset as well. The last round it shut off mid-round, but hitting the power button got things going again.

Walter - thank you for the report and details about what you are experiencing. I am having the team look into this. I know we have some updates coming. 

So just a future update. I had a few more rounds (3) my first was issue free. The other two had a new issue (but same for both rounds) Essentially its almost like the unit desynced but couldnt resync. The green ligjt was flashing like normal once every five seconds. However the blue light wasnt on or flashing at all. If i went into settings it would show link wasnt connected and it would keep trying to connect and find the device but couldnt (like link wasnt broadcasting bluetooth at all) I could shut the unit off and turn back on but that wouldnt do anytbing at all. Essentially had to reset the unit which is annoying. It works fine after a reset but i essentially have to wait another 10 min to get my gps signal back. And i lose shots during the error (because i didnt catch it at first as it would still vibrate and tag but it wouldnt record) did about 5 shots like that. Once i reset and syncd it wanted to import 3 shots (others were lost) Not sure whats causing all the issues with the links but this is frustrating. Is it just my unit or a problem for everyone since update
Now another new issue. Essentially bluetooth lag/disconnect. When my phone screen sleeps or is off my link looses bluetooth connection and the blue light starts to flash every second. Once i power screen back on and open golfpad it will eventually Automatically resync and add in my tagged shots (sometimes they get messed up AND SHOTS go missing) Its not a phone setting as ive tested with other bluetooth devices and they stay connected and workinf no problem if the screen hibernates

Jason - spoke with the team. It's suggested we create a support ticket for you to look into this further. Please email with the details of the current issue. Thanks for the continued updates. 

Opened a new ticket for the bluetooth issue
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