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Putting Off the Green

I have just started shot tracking but when i use my putter of the green it still records it as a putt. Is there any way around this as the app is now? If not can hopefully this can be added in a future version.

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If you click on the score in the lower left of the main screen to bring up the list of shots, you can press on the putt that was taken from the fringe.  Then, you can edit the shot at the top of the screen to select "fringe" as the lie.  I've had the odd time when doing this de-selects the putter, so make sure putter is still the selected club.

If you're using Golf Tags (or presumably the newer Link system), it is a bit of nuisance. but is done the same way.  I don't have a watch, but maybe it's simpler with a watch - it seems that other things, like penalty shots, are much easier to accommodate with a watch.

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