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Alternate GPS via phone

When I have my Link connected, phone in my bag and Pebble watch on for distances and more:

IF THE LINK LOSES GPS LOCK, the application should immediately substitute location readings using my phone's location settings then subsequently return to the Link's dedicated GPS once lock-on is reestablished. 

MEANWHILE, the Link should still allow me to tap tags in order to add shots in the interim.

AS IT IS NOW, all three pieces of equipment, App, Link, and Pebble become occupied by "acquiring location" and are rendered useless until I physically go get my phone from my bag, turn off "Enable Link/Tags" in Golf Pad Settings and then either carry and use my phone (I bought the Link and Tags in order to not have to do this) or use my Pebble to add shots and putts with the phone back in the bag.

THIS CREATES A CATCH 22 of course; upon deselecting the "Enable Link/Tags" checkbox the Link apparently stops searching for GPS lock-on and if the option is later selected and "on" once again, the Link begins "acquiring location." However, in doing so, again all three pieces of equipment, App, Link, and Pebble are rendered USELESS until or unless the Link is successful or I give up and start the catch 22 over again.

Try playing a round of golf while dealing with that!

THIS IS A DEAL BREAKER FOR ME and I'm sure would be for many others too.

Please add a "GPS assist." At the very least, as a checkbox option.

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I just messaged support in this regard. I find the Link loses the GPS in places where my phone does not. What I did not realize until reading this was the Link has its own GPS, which makes a lot of sense.

I think having a feature where the link reader uses my phone in instances where it cannot locate a satellite on its own would make a ton of sense. Even if my phone is in my bag in a golf cart 15 yards away, I would rather have that than have to dig into my bag to add the stroke manually.

Good suggestion, lets hope they listen :)

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