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Choose start tee 1/10

Have on some courses been forced to start on 10th tee and I can of course step my holes forward to solve it. But last time when I played match play, the score couldn't handle this. Feature request: Possible to choose (from start of round) what tee to start from.

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That's what I like about the app itself. I was doing a shotgun last fall starting on the 14th hole (or something), and can go right to the desired starting hole by selecting that hole from the scorecard view. Easy enough. No 'next hole, next hole' clicking like some apps. Sure, I had to click the first tee again after I'd finished 5 holes, but that's easy enough. Are you asking that the app automatically know that you're starting on the back in this case. What exactly do you mean 'the score couldn't handle this'? 


Hi sorry for the (very) late reply. 

As time passes I have difficulties to memorize exactly the chain of event, but I think it was like this:

As I said we started on 10th tee. The issue was that it was difficult after 12 holes, just about to start the #4 on the course) to see what the score was in our match. I believe it was A/S, but the app told me that I was 3up.

I think this due to the fact that I won hole 1 (10th) - hole 3 (12th), but I was 3down 10th-18th so it should have stated A/S.

thanks / Carl

OK, I think I understand what you're saying. You were scoring 'match play' and the app doesn't calculate the current score correctly since you started on the back nine. In other words, it calculated the match score only on the front nine score (which in your case is your inward nine), even though you had already completed the back nine (being your outward nine on that day).  

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