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User Experience (UX) designer

I love this app, but also hate this app at the same time.

It has soooo many awesome features and powerful information, but it has been made in such a way that it is very convoluted and complex to do almost anything. 

I have told so many people about this app, and everyone that uses it talks about how difficult it is to use. It's a golf app, there shouldn't be a heavy learning curve. 

I'd like to see a full app redesign focusing on solid UX fundamentals. Make the information easy to get to, displayed in effective and useful ways, and simple to use. Watch and learn how people want to use the app, and the information they want to see. 

Please, please, please do this. It will make this the golf app of all golf apps. 



P.S. The web dashboard is visually better, but it's still not great. It has some extra items that are missing from the app, but also it's missing important features that can be found in the app. Very strange. 

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I second this. Having looked at some of the data sent in the requests, it appears that there is an incredible amount of data captured and used which is not presented visually in either the app or online - for example, a lot of weather data is captured... why can't this be shown as the weather for the round, and then as it updates throughout the round, maybe show the changes so you could even see how weather may effect performance etc.

It seems to me that with GolfPad Link etc all coming out now, you have the hardware and tracking side of things sorted - now it's time to make that information truly useful and visually appealing, otherwise the hardware and tracking is fruitless.

Still a great product, it could just be THE great product :)

I'm in the other camp, and I like the layout of the 'main' screen during a round (seeing the full scorecard, accessing any hole instantly instead of hitting 'Next' hole, 'Next' hole, instant editing by hitting the 'blue' score box, shortcuts for putts, penalties, etc.), as I feel that it has everything needed to properly capture, view, and edit data. I thing they nailed it. That's why I'm here, and not with another app, or product, such as:

- GG - you mean you released a product WITHOUT an app in the day and age of apps ??? (though they do have one now); still less smartwatches supported than GolfPad;

- ARCXXX - hmmm, batteries and those large tags, and I hope the user realizes when something isn't registering automatically, because if it doesn't, I hope you've got a good memory to reconstruct your round; plus, I like to play naturally around the green (not carrying clubs upside down, not having to worry about registering a shot when I lay down a wedge, leaning on my putter while waiting for others around the green, etc.)

I like the GolfPad app's presentation than either of the above.

I guess what I'm saying is that you'll never satisfy everyone. There was one post where someone did NOT want the scorecard displayed until after the round as it added pressure if things were going well and they knew their score on the last few holes. Not what I would want myself. The only thing I wish the main screen included was the 'standard' yardage for the hole based on the tee (but that data isn't included anywhere for that matter and I wish it was). Of course you have to be mindful of screen real estate.

The only areas that I wish used a different approach are:

- 'Statistics' area (a graphical overview initially, then drill-down into more detail, instead of selecting a listing of items (being just text); this may be only possible on the web due to screen size (and not the app), and there is talk of the website view being redeveloped;

- 'Settings' area could be more intuitive;

- 'Playing History' - smaller icons to see more data on screen as those large icons don't convey that much information anyway in my opinion; include index from round and handicap at that point in time.

My 2 cents. How and in what area(s) do you see possibilities for improvement? 



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Reading what I wrote, I realise my mistake now - and I actually agree with you Walt. What I was referring to was the web app, rather than the phone app - ie: when you log in online to see your statistics, round information. I think the information on the phone app and the way it works is perfect, as you said - although I use it with a smartwatch most of the time.

I was simply saying that the online version could be much more pleasing to the eye and have more functionality for that "away from the course" time when you want to play with stats etc

I use a smartwatch too and love it. But when I do access the app on my phone (new course, after nine, after eighteen before saving) I don't think I could come up with a better layout than what's currently presented. Of course, a user does have to 'know' that the 'blue' box accesses the stroke detail, and the icon in the top right accesses the map view. But other than that, after using it for a round, I think most users would have it figured out. I certainly wouldn't want to see more menu items, as the current layout and functionality gets you where you want to go very quickly.

I concur with your opinion of the online version. I'm not a fan of the big 'tile' view, then having to click on an item for the detail over time, then close to see another item. I'd rather just see the detail right off. It's as if the availability of a 3rd party web development control influenced the design choice. Because it's there doesn't mean you have to use it. I wish they would look at another approach, but that's my opinion.

So for example, instead of seeing a large icon for 'Greens in regulation', provide the percentage, with the detail to the right over time from the latest round. The height of each section need only be as large as the graph in the current detail view, with the round identified by selecting a certain bar in the graph to the right of the graph to save space. Then keep going with the general stats (fairways, putts, index, scores by par), then provide the more detailed stats ( from long game, short game, and approach) in the same fashion. The screen space for each needn't be 'Fisher Price' sized, if you know what I mean. A side bar or top menu bar could be used (General stats, Long Game, Short Game, Putting, etc.) to move up and down the screen quickly.

If they are going to revamp the website, I hope they include the ability to edit your scores and positions from the website. For some phones, by the time your round is over, the phone battery is just about spent. So, any editing you need to do can't be done until you recharge or sit down at the computer.


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