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Updating These Forums

It would be nice to see the developers taking these recommendations seriously. These forums are never updated with the feature requests being moved into "progress" categories, let alone replied too. I am a new user who went all in on the Kickstarter and hasnt even received any product yet but has paid in full. I sincerely hope this isnt a sign of poor support and app improvement to come.

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Yeah I agree with that Al - I also mentioned something on these forums about having a proper "issue tracking" system, so when you submit a feature request you can see if it was "discussed", "rejected", "set in motion" etc etc. To be honest, I know the guys at GolfPad are working on things, it's just their community feedback is pretty poor. I would expect someone to be reviewing these forums daily and offering responses where they are needed, even just to say "good idea, we'll put it forward" or "thanks but no thanks". When you're investing in a product / company, you expect to know that it's "active" and that's unfortunately not how it feels at the moment on the forums.

If GolfPad can't have employees to do this due to a number of reasons, then get community members active who can progress requests / filter / respond to forum requests - like moderators. At least give the illusion of caring :D

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Thank you for the input! We will be making an effort to be more active on the forums and keep you all updated better as to what is going on. I am not sure how specifically we will be able to update each feature request/adjustment that our development team discusses as this is a near constant stream of conversation, but i can certainly understand the desire for more information when it comes to this topic. We will do our best to provide better update information.

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Thanks for the update, much appreciated. I think the easiest way to do it is with a proper issue tracking system - that way there's not much manual "updating" to be done...

1. Keep the forums as an idea for suggestions, OR move it to the new issue tracking system.

2. the Devs decide which ones they will / wont look at etc, and this is updated in the issue tracking system.

3. as the issue travels through the life cycle, updates are done automatically and they can be seen by members. It's a pretty standard set up really that most places use - myself included.

I would have thought the dev team already have some kind of issue tracking in place, it's simply a case of displaying elements of that to the users / public :)

thanks again

I agree, the response time and suggestion life cycle updates are terrible. There seems to be little tweaks here and there but there's plenty of improvements on here that are years old that aren't getting a look in for some reason. As a subscription service, i would have thought it was in the owners interest to continue to update the app so that people don't look into other apps. If someone gets the shits with waiting and goes elsewhere to find a service that meets their needs, you've got no chance of luring them back.

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