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Ability to Search Courses by Name


This seems like a simple request, but I'm not sure why it hasn't been included yet? I think when you go to the Search section when starting a new round and selecting a course, you should have 2 fields, one for location and one for name. This would definitely help for those situations when a course has been put under a different location.

Usage example:

I recently added Torrequebrada Golf as a course which is in Benalmadena (which is in Malaga, which is in the Costa Del Sol, which is Spain). When they emailed to say the course had been added, I tried location searches in Benalmadena (nothing), Costa del Sol (nothing) and even Spain (which surely should show all golf courses in Spain, but still nothing). Eventually it came up under Malaga. This would have been so much easier if I could have used to golf club / course name to search on and even partials, then it could show up all options...


Type "torrequ" in the "name" field, and see something like the following:

Torrequebrada Gold (Costa del Sol, Malaga, Spain)

plus any others so I know which one I want... this would make life so much easier.


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I also requested this. I think they may have put it into the dev queue but it seems so insignificant i do not understand why it was overlooked to begin with.

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I will ping our engineering team about this again as it is something I have asked before. I believe that the difficulty is due to the GPS data and how it is categorized but I will follow up with them again. This would be a nice adjustment in the app, I agree!

Hi Keaton, thanks for the reply. I'm not sure how it would be too difficult, the default is obviously localised based on nearest courses, but then have the ability to search by name the same as entering City / Country etc. Just means it's easier to check in advance if a course is in the database for a location you may be travelling to in the future.

Thanks again

I also request this. Is seems so simple but yet so important.

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