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Samsung Gear S3 Smart watch

The new Sansung smart watch is due out soon, and amongst the features are built in GPS and NFC.

Will you be updating the watch app so I am able to use the GPS function of the watch to get distances to the green?

Will you be utilising the watches NFC function so that the club tags can be tagged on the watch instead of the phone?

Controlling GolfPad from the watch by adding these functions would certainly put GolfPad in a very commanding position in the Golf GPS market

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I don't know if I understand very well your problem. I think you have ensure your gear battery it up or 80% and from your S9 Android Wear App, you have to force the synchronization of your apps into the smartwatch.

I think this is a great product, but what is a showstopper for me is that it does not use the on-board GPS for the Samsung Gear. 

I hope this is something the development team is looking into, as the Samsung Gear is an amazing watch with the second highest wearable market share and shouldn't be ignored. 

Hello! We do plan to support autonomous mode with Gear S3 and Apple Watch, so the watch can be used without the phone. It will be available in this year.

Still not available

Hi Dan - we expect to release a new stand-alone watch feature in the next several weeks. We are currently beta-testing. Stay tuned! 

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