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Strokes gained feature - use SHAPES to denote shot type

So the strokes gained feature is useful, and it color codes each shot to denote the 'quality' of the stroke (i.e. - whether strokes were gained (green) or lost (orange, red)).

However, it would be very helpful if instead of all colored 'circles' to show the different shots, there could be a way to use different shapes to denote the category of shot, so that it would be easier to evaluate, at a glance.

 I know that they use squares for PENALTIES, but they could use triangles for DRIVING, circles for APPROACH, pentagons for SHORT GAME and octagons for PUTTING (just an example). 

Good idea! How about a combination of both?

I think Spencer is suggesting still using both. Just that you'd have differentiation (by using shapes) to denote the type of shot on each hole, and then still color coding referring to strokes gained on each particular stroke.

Off topic, kudos to the development team for adding the strokes gained color coding to the scorecard hole overview. That's a nice touch.

Yes - what Walter said.

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