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Set pin position from smart watch

So there's another contender in the shot tracking market (Shot Scope).

One of the most interesting features of that system is the ability to set the pin position by hovering the wristband above the hole when retrieving your holed putt and pressing a button.

I know that Golfpad recently implemented a 'Set pin position' feature, but it's only doable from within the phone app.

I believe this could be implemented in Golfpad with their Smartwatch integration.

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On the first hole at Rushmore Park GC there are two greens. I tried to edit a pin position from the winter green to the summer green but the software will not let me move the pin position that far. I guess I will have to remember the position of the pin and edit it on my pc after the round.

I find that part of the system frustrating (the system says it's preventing me from only putting the pin position on part of the green). That's sounds like a good idea, but for the last two rounds I've played, the map doesn't coincide at all with allowable pin positions (it's probably off by 15 yards, and according to the map, I CAN put the pin position WAY off the green). So it looks like I'm making a 21 foot put, and then instead of a remaining 1 foot put, because of where it's allowing me to put the pin, my remaining put is more like 30 feet (woohoo!). This renders putting stats basically useless, unless I remember them all and reedit later.


I need this feature, too.

And also, It would be possible to change smartwatch UI when I start putting.

In, On green UI, it can be add put and add flag position.

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