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GolfTags for iPhone

As of the iPhone 6, we have NFC. When will we see GolfTags for iPhone?

I wish that the answer was as simple as adding NFC to the iPhone. The real issue is that Apple restricted access to the NFC in the iPhone so we are unable to use this feature. We are currently developing a way to work around this and bring Golf Tags to iPhone users. We do not have a specific timeline yet but will definitely announce when we do.

Tony, we investigated the new NFC SDK for iOS, but unfortunately it can't provide seamless tracking experience in ins current form. Basically you would need to manually launch a scan on the phone every time before you can tag a club. We hope it becomes more flexible in a future SDK update and we can add iOS support for Golf Pad TAGS. 

Golf Pad TAGS are now compatible with iPhone! iPhone 7 or newer with iOS 12 is required.

IOS 11 makes NFC available for third party use on iPhone 7 and newer. Will we see a tag set for iphones soon, or should I be comparing other iPhone golf tracking options?
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