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Wiping A Hole


When I play competition golf we generally play Stableford which the app does great.

My issue is when I pick up the ball after reaching my maximum. For example I've gone in a fairway bunker and taken three to get out (it happens) so I need to sink my shot for 150 out to score a point. I leave that shot short of the green so there is no point finishing the hole. So I pick up.

The system right now assumes that my shot for 150 out goes in the hole OR I have to fake the next three virtual shots which puts my putting out of whack.

I was hoping to have a WIPE button so you can just ignore the stats for putting for that hole and move on.

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Thanks for bringing this up. This looks like a feature that we will need to add for a future update. Not sure on an exact timeline for this but I submitted it to the team and it has been added to the to-do list.

Yes, this would be really useful. +1

Just noticed this is posted a year ago. Any progress? Or estimated timeline?

This is a feature we have had discussions about and one that will likely be available in the future. There have just been other project higher on the priority list so far.

I just noticed I have excellent putting stats (~1,2 putts/hole ;)), since I usually enter ~10 shots when I pick up the ball (which happens at least 3 holes/round). And as Rick pointed out, GP assumes that the last shot went straight into the hole.

Unfortunately I must enter some score for the hole. Otherwise the round will be ignored (in other stats).

Soo, basically the stats is kind of impossible to get correct if one must pick up...

Agree with the above - it would be nice to be able to set the hole as a "blob" and not register any strokes or a score for it. What I find myself doing at the moment, is simply adding a score 1 higher than I need to be to score a point, but as mentioned this puts stats all out of whack. It would be much nicer if we could simply mark the hole as "no score" or "pick up" and yet still use the stats from the rest of the round (and even the hole in terms of drives, iron distances etc) but only count the score, not the strokes or something.

Totally agree with the above!

The option to "pick up the ball" and then wipe all the stats (except the distances) is a must have when playing stableford. Otherwise you need to make up some shots and that skews the statistics.

Any news on the progress?

I play a lot of stableford and my usual way of dealing with this is to add 3 putts to the score. It's not accurate but at least it registers something so your putting stats don't reflect a better result than in reality.

Is there any news on this? I'm still playing Stableford as a lot of competitions etc are (and we run local non official competitions which are the same) and still there is no option to simply mark the hole as "No Score" or "Blob"? Can this be reviewed please, as I think it's a fundamental part of a "fast free golf gps rangefinder and scoring app"

Most games I play are stableford so I thoroughly agree with all of the above comments.  Surely this request must be getting near the top of your 'to do' list?

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