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Track Golf Ball Type Used

It would be good to be able to track the type of golf balls used during a round. As a result we could begin to used the data points for stats on which balls work best, go the furthest etc.

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I know it's been a couple of years on this feature request.  

However, I feel that GolfPad is in the perfect place to get the ball feature added to the app.  I would like to specify what ball I used per round and how that impacted the yardage of my driver (and other clubs), the accuracy of my approach or GIR, putting stats, etc... This is all happening now, I'd just like to see a "By Ball" area stats.  This would be amazing!!! Also, AFAIK there is no other app doing this out there on the market and would make you guys a new marketing strategy!  And GolfPad ROCKS BTW!!! 

Is there a chance that this idea would become reality? I would like to track my golfball, too.


Apologies for the slow response, this wasn't showing as a new post. I like your idea. I will forward this onto the rest of the team and see what we can do with this. Seems like another good way to measure the impact your equipment has on your game. Thanks for the suggestion.

I would like to add support for this request. 

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