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Hole Yards

May be I can't find it and it's available as a preference setting but surely the most obvious and required feature is the ability to show the yardage of the holes of the course in the app. Obviously when you're teeing off you see yards to the hole.  But if, for example, you're 423 yards along a par 5 and you've spent 5 minutes looking for a friends ball and then discussed the latest new Ping club - and then your friend asks how long this hole is in total - you've probably forgotten what it was when you start and there is no way to find it. Or you're discussing previous holes and you want to know how long hole 8 is - you can't tell.  

I'm only suggesting a simple yardage figure on main screen - possibly below the front-centre-back yardages.  I realise it varies by tee markers but all courses have typical yardages on the scorecards.

Happy for someone to tell me where this info is if it's already in the app.

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I second Ian's request, but also in some other locations:

- total yardage by tee on the 'Tee selection' screen when starting a round. It currently includes slope and rating, but most golfers I know of consider the yardage first when considering the tee to use.

- on the scorecard per hole. Most other apps include this based on the tee chosen. It's nice to know, for instance, that a par 4 typically bogied relates to that long 440 yd hole, or that par 3 bogied was 215 yds as opposed to 175 if hitting from a different tee that day.

- and as a reference somewhere to be easily viewed when on the hole as to its yardage and par as Ian states; I realize screen real estate is getting tight on the main screen - perhaps by clicking the hole number in the main scorecard, a pop-up could indicate this information.


Just wanted to add....

I of course realize that inputting all of this information is a lot of work, and changes quite often. Perhaps premium members would have the ability to input this information for each tee off of the score card, and update it when necessary, somewhat similar to Wikipedia data. All tee yardage information would indicate the last time it was updated and by whom, and even if affirmed by another member if it hasn't been reviewed for a certain period (2 years or so?)

I will suggest this idea to the rest of the team and see what they think. I personally, like the idea because I think the info is useful for round review. There will be some issues with getting this kind of data for 34,000+ courses though.

Agreed that this would be considerable work, but as suggested, if premium users could submit the data just like a 'course correction', that would take the burden off the developers. I know I'd input the data for most courses in my area. If a user runs into a course with no previous yardage info, it can simply state that it's unavailable (or prompt the user if they would like to input after the round). On the scorecard, such a course would have the yardage info greyed out.

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Yeah I had a friend ask me what are the hole yardages...typically stuff on a card. I agree with the user support system and a lot users submit hole Yardage from the card or even take a picture of a card and you guys can input the data.

If possible, I'd like to see this on the web site when reviewing rounds

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