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Auto advance to next hole

One big frustration I've had is if I don't manually tell it I've finished a hole, it will continue to add my shots to the previous hole. So if I was putting on #7 and then I'm on the 8th tee box for my next shot, it should be smart enough to know that and not require me to to press "Next". Seems like an easy fix.

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Or when using golf tags, it seems that if you go from marking a putter to marking a different club like a driver, it should know that you've moved on to the next hole.  There are very few times that you'd putt off of a green and switch to an iron on the same hole.

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this one is a must feature and should be added.

I have recently bought Golf Tags and the hole is advanced when I touch the tag to the phone when on the next tee.

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Can not get phone to auto advance to next hole. Get frustrating having to fiddle with phone between holes. How do I fix this? Please.
No problem with tags.
If you don´t use tags you have to manipulate at your phone for ever shot, even putts. So what pressing next for the next hole after the last putt. Auto detection would be nice, of course, but pressing "next" after the last putt is not the hell.


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